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By offering products, we can solve many problems. But what if we think beyond the product? What if we apply new technologies and create “products” within their context of usage? Turning “products” into holistic solutions is the great adventure of our time.

To explore this new frontier beyond the horizon, we provide an agile start-up-like infrastructure, methodology, and spirit for innovations. Discover a world in which users and customers join in to create solutions or new business models to better fit their needs. Together, we are contributing to the future of medTech.

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how we work

Our approach and operating model

There is no innovation without failure. Failure is learning and part to develop new ideas and solutions.

We value failure, because every attempt brings us closer to our goal.

What we also care about are users, healthcare professionals and patients. It is our goal to improve their daily life and work. Thus, we invite them to share their opinions, ideas and needs for developing solutions together.

your career in medTech

Hello UX-Designers, Data Scientists, Design Thinkers, And Software Architects

To all unconvential thinkers, creative makers, and full-blown developers. Your next career opportunity lies right in the middle of the medTech Valley.

A place between tradition and innovation, with cozy countrysides for fun and family happiness as well as top-notch medTech known around the world. Join us to create the future of healthcare.

We welcome digital savvy students, engineers and people who want to make and shake.


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