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werk_39 is a B. Braun powered innovation lab for multidisciplinary teams in Tuttlingen. 


we challenge the status quo to create better running hospitals

The technology push of the last decade allows to move into new, mostly unexplored ways of value creation. This results in higher degrees of uncertainty since industry tends to have a strong product-centric thinking. According to study results across different industries, higher value for customers is created by emphasizing on innovation beyond the product.


We offer spaces for innovation, so that people jointly create solutions for better running hospitals. The big question is: How do you do it? We believe the best way to manage uncertainty is to search, rather than execute. Our innovation process at werk_39 does not direct teams to execute; rather encourages multidisciplinary team to look at searchfields deriving from company strategy. In our view, this is a deeply customer-centric approach.


werk_39 offers a physical co-creation platform for customers and partners, enables business teams to create beyond the product solutions, provides and applies agile methodology to limit uncertainty. Currently we are trying to expand this to a mobile version of “werk_39”.


Our werk_39 team and the corporate start-up teams are set up in a T-shaped way: Team Members offer practical expertise on how to apply agile and lean start up methods, as well as domain expertise in relevant fields such as hospital processes. And do not forget about the data analytics and UX-design. By the way, to all of you who are interested in becoming part of werk_39: We embrace the “Maker-DNA” in any of our team members and interns. We believe in the strength of good collaboration by the philosophy of “give first, then ask for forgiveness”


We deeply believe in the power of agile innovation methods. The reason why innovation is defined by uncertainty is that non-incremental innovation projects begin with a bunch of untested assumptions about customers and business models. These untested assumptions represent potential risks that could derail the project. We apply build-measure-learn in the shortest possible loops. This is the secret sauce. And by the way: it needs 1% inspiration and 99% application of innovation craftsmanship (aka hard work).


Right in the center of medtech valley Tuttlingen, werk_39 is situated in a one hundred year old factory building. We believe that a specifically assigned space is a basic need for every project team. Innovation can only flourish in psychologically safe environments. The interior design matches the idea of equal footing. In the basement of the building werk_39’s innovation-output can be touched and tested.

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Spuren von Start-Ups"

Di. 08.10.19 | 18:30 Uhr

Referent: Thomas Sindemann
Infront Consulting &
Management GMBH

werk_39 | Rote Straße 1 | Tuttlingen

Anmeldung unter:
bis 01. Oktober 2019

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