Think beyond the product – werk_39

With werk_39, we are establishing a new homeland for beyond the product innovations. This is the space for agile development of services, solutions and business models. With our blog, we want to give you insights into our methodology, recent events, and show the progress of our work.

“We need space to be productive, we need places to go to be free.”

(Laure Lacornette, *03.10.1984, French author)

On 6. March 2017, the team of Sales & Service Innovation moved with 7 people to the new off-campus location at Rote Straße 1, Tuttlingen. Our vision was to build a space where ideas can grow and prototypes can be developed and tested at an early stage.

werk_39 should also be the spot where customers meet new ideas or concepts and co-create solutions for their real problems.

During the following weeks, the location was established step by step – the last furniture is still on its way.

The first Value Added Service workshop in the new location took place from March 21st-23rd with the international Neurosurgery team. Within three days, interesting new service concepts, solutions and business models were developed.

We are looking forward to the next events and projects.