Adrian Riegger

Adrian Riegger
Internationale Betriebswirtschaft
HFU – Hochschule Furtwangen (Campus Schwenningen)

How quickly six months can pass by… time at werk_39 literally flies! This is what is going through my mind while I start writing this report. The last six months were super exciting – every day there were some new thrilling challenges on the agenda and no day was nearly like the other. No wonder time went by so fast.

goQ or how_to_build_a_consumer_brand

During my time at werk_39 I was part of the hand disinfection venture goQ. As a little background knowledge: B. Braun has been producing hand disinfection for professional use in the medical sector since many years. The objective of this venture was to build a new business model including a whole new brand around the professional B. Braun product for the B2C market. Our core venture team consisted of six members with expertise in different areas: design, product, sales and innovation methodology. Together our vision was to give end consumers access to highly effective hand disinfection while creating a completely new experience around the topic of on-the-go hand hygiene.

During the product and business model development process, the highest priority was to ensure that our solutions really match the customer needs. For this purpose, we worked with Lean Startup methods, Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas. In line with that, some of my parts during the first phase of the internship were, for example, to plan, conduct and evaluate experiments such as user interviews and online surveys to test our ideas on the market.

As we were making progress in the development process, more and more operational topics came up. How does an online shop actually work? How can we ship a small package as efficiently as possible to the respective end consumer? What is a suitable B2C online marketing strategy for our product? All of these questions were quite new for a B2B company like B. Braun and finding answers required a lot of research, expert interviews and team-internal iterations. Hence, every day I had the possibility to gain countless exciting insights and learnings.

To go through this process with a great team and to finally have a physical product in your hands was an incredibly cool adventure. If you are interested in what exactly we have been creating during the six months of my internship, check our website:

co_innovation & club_of_the_willing

In order to develop customer-centered solutions, direct user feedback plays a major role at werk_39. For werk_39 ventures end consumers in the B2C area are just as important as experts, partners and healthcare professionals in the B2B sector. In this project I was given the task to find and analyze best practice examples of co-innovation opportunities such as online portals and social media. Based on my research, the next step was to develop a concept to enable sustainable exchange with end consumers and existing contacts from the werk_39 network.


Tuttlingen might not be a vibrant start-up city like Munich or Berlin. However, a small B. Braun department at Rote Straße 1 lives the startup spirit at its best. At werk_39 you will find great colleagues and a beautiful place to make ideas happen. If you’re interested in the startup world, lean working methods and exciting ventures werk_39 is definitely the right place for you!