Assumption Grid

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Hard Facts

  • Working Model: discover | experiment | build
  • Importance: 5/5
  • Workload: 1 hour


Assumptions contain risks.
The Assumption Grid supports you in identifying the riskiest assumptions of your business model.


First, identify your assumptions from your Business Model Canvas. Then, rank them on the Assumption Grid. As a last step, identify and prioritize your riskiest assumptions. They are located within the top right quadrant of the grid and should be tested first. These are the risks that could kill your business model or project if they turn out to be false.


The Assumption Grid classifies assumptions into four quadrants. It helps you to focus on the riskiest ones and to test them first.

Tips from w_39

  • You can rephrase the sticky notes of your Business Model Canvas into assumptions which you can stick on the grid.
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