Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Template and Instructions

Hard Facts

  • Working Model: discover | experiment | build
  • Importance: 5/5
  • Workload: continuous work


The Business Model Canvas demonstrates the full content and all the relationships within a business model in a very coherent way. It provides a simple, common language to talk about business models.


You can use the Business Model Canvas in three steps. First, you examine the desirability of the product or service, focussing on the needs of your customer. In the second step, you test the feasability. In other words, you develop solutions according to your customer‘s needs and examine their practical realisation. In the last step, your business model is validated regarding its economic viability.


A business model describes the way in which an organization creates, communicates, and records values. The Business Model Canvas supports you to present all these aspects of your business model in an understandable way.

Tips from w_39

  • Do not spend too much time on filling it out to make it perfect. Instead, update it regularly so it can evolve through the whole process.
  • In most cases, two business models can be filled in one canvas.
  • The 55 business model navigator cards from St. Gallen are helpful to foster ideas.
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