Fahad Al Ghobein

Fahad Al Ghobein

Fahad Al Ghobein
MBA in Small Enterprise Promotion & Training
Universität Leipzig

From vision to reality! A perfect start-up CEO scenario at werk_39, all the way from Jordan to Rote Straße 1, 78532 Tuttlingen – Germany.

Since I can remember, business people, suited up, with that black suitcase, have always impressed me. I had always the desire to take that driver’s seat and run my own project. But I was always afraid of perching, or what’s so-called – the start-up roller coaster or the hockey stick … you name it. And this aspiration went to an actual scene once I secured the spot with werk_39, but without that fear. I joined them after my 2-year journey of pursuing an MBA in Small Enterprise Promotion & Training at Leipzig University. I knew that I am backed up with an experienced team, and a full bundle of resources by B. Braun and its pioneering market position. And performing a Venture Development role was not a chance. For me, it was my inner choice. Honestly, I was not sure what career path I will be taking after finishing my MBA studies, but as I was researching about Firm-Level Entrepreneurship, I stumbled across this overarching role.

So, I took the plunge and entered the start-up world within a corporate setup. I probably don’t need to tell you the percentage of start-ups that fail despite the many good ideas out there in the world. It is a two digits number and 10 percent away from the 100 full circle. It’s not great ideas that make great startups — it’s the excellent execution of a great business model. And here comes the B. Braun recipes to avoid that, and the extensive experience and support of the W39 team. I really value the opportunity to be able to use a broader skill set in multifaceted projects and challenges, topped off with a supportive learning culture, and the high level of autonomy I was given. It was an unbeatable and comprehensive experience to act dual roles, ‘entrepreneur’ on one side and ‘intreprenuer’ on the other.


Basically, we co-created a nutritionally based venture in the consumer market together with the venture’s team of different backgrounds. We maintained continuous customer-centered focus and design sprints at the heart of our project. Sustainability was always at our table. This design thinking process carried our ideologies in a single stack and took it to life.

But it was not that basic, and it was not that linear at all. The project started with holistic research on the market situation and how it is done in the hospital area, and then in the non-patient consumer area. We have dived deeper into how health-consciousness trends are evolving in the consumer market, and where are our target group(s) sweet spots.

Then, we formulated provisional target groups based on both hard facts and soft facts for further research and real-life indications. The team was stationed on every corner of each target group. And after an improved understanding of each segment, we started to design different experiments around versatile and connected aspects, questions, and bleariness of each segment. It was not easy and smooth with the Covid-19 restrictions. We have had non-stop hurdles, but that did not drag us down. We went the extra mile to get as much real-life evidence as possible, and the mission has been accomplished.

At the time of briefing my 9-month internship into this snippet, this project has moved into the building phase, getting ready to get a foot into the market but with more extensive preparations, sleeves rolled up further to bring this venture to a T. I will be always following the progress of this upcoming venture. It really feels like my own first child.

the_world_is_Sourcetank’s _playground 

SourceTank is a promising eCommerce platform for surgical instruments, and since digital marketing is a strong suit for me, I participated in a Search Engine Marketing (SEO) project to build up the solution reach on a global scale.

I worked closely with the SourceTank team on technical and managerial levels. They were so supportive to help me in adjusting the website back-end to climb up the global ladder. I had my first coding experience over there, and it was thrilling to see more traction from new countries week after week pouring in the SourceTank’s bucket.

Lea Dörr

Lea Dörr

ux | ui_designer
Lea Dörr
Schwäbisch Gmünd

overcoming uncertainty – Innovation Practice at werk_39 

The first big task I got to work on was the design of the handbook “Overcoming uncertainty – Innovation Practice at werk_39”.
This handbook contains a short introduction of werk_39 in general and their Working Model in particular. The core content of the book is the 13 methods that werk_39 regularly uses in their ventures. In the core team of five, we worked out the hard facts for each method, explanatory texts in Why/How/What format, collected tips from the werk_39 team and designed canvases adapted to our needs. Via the QR code that was generated for each method, you can get even deeper insights into the individual method via a website – in the form of explanatory videos, literature tips and best practices. Also, on this website, one can download the canvas to work with them. There is an option to print out the canvases in different sizes or follow a link to land in a Mural Template. To wrap up the handbook, werk_39 has also interviewed some well-known people from the startup scene; including Steve Blank and Esther Gons. In “Overcoming uncertainty” there are extracts of the interviews in text form as well as a link to the resulting podcast series.
This project was very extensive and I was definitely able to learn a lot about the content as well. I hope that the handbook will serve its purpose and help many others to understand the methods.
If I’ve caught your interest, feel free to check out the Playbook website:


During my internship at werk_39, the venture goQ (hand disinfection in clinical quality) was in its final stages: last tests were done, the eShop went live and the styleguide was updated for the handover to an external partner. So there was still a lot to do and I was happy to support in many ways: For example I did the final drawings of the icons, created a brochure for potential cooperation partners and designed hand disinfection stands for public spaces.
To get deeper insights into the project, take a look here as well:


Since I studied product design, ux|ui was not completely foreign to me, but there were a lot of new things for me to learn in this area. Mainly this was done with a project that is currently still in the experiment phase and is under secrecy. In this venture I created an XD prototype that should optimize the user experience. In the team we did user tests with the future users, gathered a lot of new information and conclusions and adapted the prototype in iterative steps. Afterwards, I was also allowed to create the user interface for the venture – here I could apply newly learned UI rules and design principles.


The internship at werk_39 was an exciting time for me, in which I was able to expand my skills. Through the interdisciplinary work, I was also gaining insights into how a startup is built, what needs to be considered from the business side, and what it means to turn user experience into business value.
Although the internship took place almost exclusively in the home office, I was very well integrated into the werk_39 team and always had an open ear from my colleagues.
On this occasion, many thanks to you!

Nisa Eski

Nisa Eski

Nisa Eski
Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen

Hallo zusammen, während meiner Tätigkeit im Werk39 war ich mit der Erstellung meiner Bachelorthesis beschäftigt, die nicht zu den eigentlichen Projekten im Werk39 zählte. Trotzdem war ich sehr gespannt drauf, einen Einblick in ein Innovation Lab, wie das Werk39 zu erhalten.

Aufgrund der Corona Pandemie befand ich mich jedoch bereits nach einem Monat im Homeoffice und musste meine Thesis daher von zuhause weiterschreiben. Dennoch ermöglichten Anwendungen, wie Microsoft-Teams einen effektiven Austausch innerhalb des Bereichs. Somit konnte ich trotz Homeoffice einen tiefen Einblick in die einzelnen Projekte und in die allgemeine Arbeitsweise im Werk39 gewinnen.


Meine Arbeit thematisierte, die „Konzeption und prototypische Umsetzung einer Methodik, für das Stammdatenmanagement im Kontext des E-Business der Aesculap AG“. Hierbei lag der Schwerpunkt auf der Identifikation möglicher Stammdatenfehler, die der allgemeinen Datenqualität schaden und somit das Risiko für weitere Probleme erhöhen. Um eine solche Fehleranalyse durchzuführen, habe ich zwei unterschiedliche Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten, wie einen Algorithmus und eine Machine Learning Lösung entwickelt und getestet. Somit lernte ich in den sechs Monaten verschiedene Techniken und Methoden für die unterschiedlichsten Datenverarbeitungs- und Datenanalyseprozesse kennen.


Der erste Teil meiner Bachelorarbeit fokussierte sich auf die Entwicklung eines Algorithmus, der mit der Programmiersprache Python generiert wurde.
Python war mir bereits aus dem Studium bekannt. Allerdingst ermöglichte mir der Aufenthalt im Werk39, meine bisherigen Kenntnisse um einiges zu erweitern. Ich erlernte relativ neue Python Bibliotheken, wie z. B. die FuzzyWuzzy Funktion, die es ermöglicht Abweichungen zwischen Zeichenketten zu erkennen. Somit lernte ich in kurzer Zeit neue Funktionen kennen, mit denen unterschiedliche Datenanalysen durchgeführt werden können. Letztendlich entwickelte ich einen Suchalgorithmus, der es ermöglicht Fehler in den Stammdaten zu identifizieren.


Im zweiten Teil der Arbeit habe ich versucht eine alternative Möglichkeit anhand von Machine Learning zu entwickeln, der die Stammdatenfehler ebenfalls aufdecken soll.
Da mir die Anwendung von Machine Learning zu Beginn meines Projekts unbekannt war, habe ich zunächst eine intensive Analyse über mögliche Lösungsansätze durchgeführt. Somit war ich in kurzer Zeit in der Lage, unterschiedliche Methoden des Machine Learnings, wie z. B. Fast-Text und K-Mean-Clustering zu testen und voneinander abzuwägen.
Jedoch kamen wir zur Erkenntnis, dass Machine Learning keine zielführende Lösung für eine Fehleranalyse in den Stammdaten der Aesculap AG ist.


Abschließend wurde die Entwicklung eines prototypischen Workflows geplant, der mögliche Stammdatenfehler mit Hilfe der entwickelten Methodik identifiziert und anschließend eine Verantwortliche Rolle für eine Verbesserung der Daten informiert. Der Workflow soll letztendlich eine Möglichkeit darstellen, mit der die Datenqualität der Aesculap AG verbessert werden kann.
Hierfür erzeugte ich zunächst eine API, mit der der Suchalgorithmus angewendet wird. Mit Hilfe der erstellten API und der Power Automate Anwendung von Microsoft wurde der prototypische Workflow letztendlich erzeugt. Nun kann er zukünftig im Stammdatenmanagement für die Optimierung der Datenqualität betrachtet und weiterentwickelt werden.


Die Zeit im Werk39 ermöglichte mir im Allgemeinen, mein Wissen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen weiterzuentwickeln. Außerdem war es sehr interessant für mich, neue Technologien, wie Machine Learning Methoden kennenzulernen.
Schließlich freute es mich sehr, meine fertige Bachelorarbeit der gesamten Aesculap AG bereitzustellen.

David Wenger

David Wenger

David Wenger
Industrial MedTec
HFU – Hochschule Furtwangen (Campus Tuttlingen)

Why would an Industrial MedTec student do an internship as web_developer you might ask?

And how did he get the job? To be honest that’s something I asked myself as well after I successfully secured the spot, after all I haven’t really worked with any web technologies before my internship. But I want to specialize in Digitalizing the MedTech sector so an internship at werk_39 is the perfect opportunity to learn just that.

The fact that even though on paper I wasn’t qualified for the exact position I was applying for they still offered me a position is in my opinion one of the biggest strength of werk_39. They saw potential in me, gave me chance to proof myself and after 6 months working here they gained enough confidence in me to offer a contingency on my internship as “Werkstudent”.


My first big project was SourceTank in the beginning my job was to keep the platform running smoothly, do bug fixing or help co-workers to implement new features.

With increasing traffic to our site we noticed that the existing infrastructure was not reliable enough. Under the name SourceTank2.0 we redesigned the whole server side infrastructure and also the way we store and protect our data. Here the goal was to make the site futureproof by insuring scalability and separating the product database from the website to keep us technology independent. This also allowed us to try out new features in a devop and to test new ways of answering request for products supported by machine learning.


In a sprint of just a couple of days I developed a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a mobile application that is supposed to help the documentation process in the operating room by scanning the barcode of each product used and saving the information into a database together with patient and location information. To scan and interpret the barcode we used an apk so my job was to build an app, test the functions of the apk and make sure it fulfils all the needed functions we need.


Flow of implants was my last project as an intern, I helped the team to develop and test an online platform for ordering rental surgery kits. The goal was to support the doctor or nurse ordering the kit for a specific surgery with a questioner without slowing down the process. At the same time the online platform was supposed to support some kind of tracking for the use of instruments so that each location always knows their stock and when to do maintenance on their sets.


As you can see, your background is not really that important, as long as you’re willing to work hard, werk_39 will always find something for you to do! The more flexible you are the more interesting projects you’ll get and the more responsibilities you’ll have in each venture. Thanks to the wide range of projects and technologies needed, you’ll learn something new every day and thanks to the fast pace of developing and testing you’ll always get nearly instant feedback on your work.

So will I completely change my field of studies now and become a web developer? No, but I learned so much here that I would gladly do it.

Adrian Riegger

Adrian Riegger

Adrian Riegger
Internationale Betriebswirtschaft
HFU – Hochschule Furtwangen (Campus Schwenningen)

How quickly six months can pass by… time at werk_39 literally flies! This is what is going through my mind while I start writing this report. The last six months were super exciting – every day there were some new thrilling challenges on the agenda and no day was nearly like the other. No wonder time went by so fast.

goQ or how_to_build_a_consumer_brand

During my time at werk_39 I was part of the hand disinfection venture goQ. As a little background knowledge: B. Braun has been producing hand disinfection for professional use in the medical sector since many years. The objective of this venture was to build a new business model including a whole new brand around the professional B. Braun product for the B2C market. Our core venture team consisted of six members with expertise in different areas: design, product, sales and innovation methodology. Together our vision was to give end consumers access to highly effective hand disinfection while creating a completely new experience around the topic of on-the-go hand hygiene.

During the product and business model development process, the highest priority was to ensure that our solutions really match the customer needs. For this purpose, we worked with Lean Startup methods, Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas. In line with that, some of my parts during the first phase of the internship were, for example, to plan, conduct and evaluate experiments such as user interviews and online surveys to test our ideas on the market.

As we were making progress in the development process, more and more operational topics came up. How does an online shop actually work? How can we ship a small package as efficiently as possible to the respective end consumer? What is a suitable B2C online marketing strategy for our product? All of these questions were quite new for a B2B company like B. Braun and finding answers required a lot of research, expert interviews and team-internal iterations. Hence, every day I had the possibility to gain countless exciting insights and learnings.

To go through this process with a great team and to finally have a physical product in your hands was an incredibly cool adventure. If you are interested in what exactly we have been creating during the six months of my internship, check our website: www.go-q.shop

co_innovation & club_of_the_willing

In order to develop customer-centered solutions, direct user feedback plays a major role at werk_39. For werk_39 ventures end consumers in the B2C area are just as important as experts, partners and healthcare professionals in the B2B sector. In this project I was given the task to find and analyze best practice examples of co-innovation opportunities such as online portals and social media. Based on my research, the next step was to develop a concept to enable sustainable exchange with end consumers and existing contacts from the werk_39 network.


Tuttlingen might not be a vibrant start-up city like Munich or Berlin. However, a small B. Braun department at Rote Straße 1 lives the startup spirit at its best. At werk_39 you will find great colleagues and a beautiful place to make ideas happen. If you’re interested in the startup world, lean working methods and exciting ventures werk_39 is definitely the right place for you!

Vanessa Stöckel

Vanessa Stöckel

ux | ui_designer
Vanessa Stöckel
Internet der Dinge
Hochschule für Gestaltung
Schwäbisch Gmünd


Mein größtes Projekt während meines Praktikums im werk_39 war es, die User Experience der SourceTank Website kontinuierlich zu überarbeiten und zu verbessern. 

Hierzu habe ich zuerst bestehende User Tests ausgewertet und anschließend die analysierten Probleme behoben. Im Anschluss daran habe ich, mit Hilfe von aufgestellten Hypothesen, die stetig validiert und getestet wurden, die zukünftige Website erarbeitet und in WordPress umgesetzt.


Durch neue, umfassendere Inhalte wurde ein neues Konzept für die bestehende werk_39 Website erforderlich. So wurde aus dem ehemaligen One Pager eine Website mit mehreren Seiten, für deren Erarbeitung, Gestaltung und Umsetzung ich während meines Praktikums verantwortlich war. 


Für das aktuell entstehende, interne Tool zum Thema Implantate durfte ich zudem eigenverantwortlich einen Clickdummy entwickeln. Hierfür führte ich Gespräche mit den späteren Anwendern, um deren Probleme zu erkennen und ihre Bedürfnisse zu verstehen. Hierbei wurde mir auch der aktuelle Prozess erklärt, den ich im Rahmen des Projektes überarbeiten und optimieren durfte. 

Mit Hilfe verschiedener Design-Methoden, wie beispielsweise einer Crazy 8, der 6-3-5 Methode und dem Szenario Trichter, erarbeiteten wir im Team zusätzliche Funktionen, durch die dem Nutzer später ein zusätzlicher Mehrwert geboten wird.