Customer Journey

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Hard Facts

  • Working Model: discover
  • Importance: 3/5
  • Workload: 2 hours


Experiencing your customer‘s journey allows you to identify pain points and detect possibilities for gain creation.


The Customer Journey can be either used to display your Persona‘s life without the product you are about to invent or your user‘s experience with the product or service. First, characterise your Persona and the journey’s context. Then, describe a typical day in your Persona‘s life. Afterwards, visualise your Customer Journeys on a poster and compare different ones with each other. Derive results from these comparisons.


The Customer Journey illustrates a typical day in the life of your Persona. Its main focus lies on the Persona’s emotions and satisfaction during this process.

Tips from w_39

  • First, establish your Persona, then conduct the Customer Journey with it.
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