David Wenger

David Wenger
Industrial MedTec
HFU – Hochschule Furtwangen (Campus Tuttlingen)

Why would an Industrial MedTec student do an internship as web_developer you might ask?

And how did he get the job? To be honest that’s something I asked myself as well after I successfully secured the spot, after all I haven’t really worked with any web technologies before my internship. But I want to specialize in Digitalizing the MedTech sector so an internship at werk_39 is the perfect opportunity to learn just that.

The fact that even though on paper I wasn’t qualified for the exact position I was applying for they still offered me a position is in my opinion one of the biggest strength of werk_39. They saw potential in me, gave me chance to proof myself and after 6 months working here they gained enough confidence in me to offer a contingency on my internship as “Werkstudent”.


My first big project was SourceTank in the beginning my job was to keep the platform running smoothly, do bug fixing or help co-workers to implement new features.

With increasing traffic to our site we noticed that the existing infrastructure was not reliable enough. Under the name SourceTank2.0 we redesigned the whole server side infrastructure and also the way we store and protect our data. Here the goal was to make the site futureproof by insuring scalability and separating the product database from the website to keep us technology independent. This also allowed us to try out new features in a devop and to test new ways of answering request for products supported by machine learning.


In a sprint of just a couple of days I developed a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a mobile application that is supposed to help the documentation process in the operating room by scanning the barcode of each product used and saving the information into a database together with patient and location information. To scan and interpret the barcode we used an apk so my job was to build an app, test the functions of the apk and make sure it fulfils all the needed functions we need.


Flow of implants was my last project as an intern, I helped the team to develop and test an online platform for ordering rental surgery kits. The goal was to support the doctor or nurse ordering the kit for a specific surgery with a questioner without slowing down the process. At the same time the online platform was supposed to support some kind of tracking for the use of instruments so that each location always knows their stock and when to do maintenance on their sets.


As you can see, your background is not really that important, as long as you’re willing to work hard, werk_39 will always find something for you to do! The more flexible you are the more interesting projects you’ll get and the more responsibilities you’ll have in each venture. Thanks to the wide range of projects and technologies needed, you’ll learn something new every day and thanks to the fast pace of developing and testing you’ll always get nearly instant feedback on your work.

So will I completely change my field of studies now and become a web developer? No, but I learned so much here that I would gladly do it.