Fahad Al Ghobein

Fahad Al Ghobein
MBA in Small Enterprise Promotion & Training
Universität Leipzig

From vision to reality! A perfect start-up CEO scenario at werk_39, all the way from Jordan to Rote Straße 1, 78532 Tuttlingen – Germany.

Since I can remember, business people, suited up, with that black suitcase, have always impressed me. I had always the desire to take that driver’s seat and run my own project. But I was always afraid of perching, or what’s so-called – the start-up roller coaster or the hockey stick … you name it. And this aspiration went to an actual scene once I secured the spot with werk_39, but without that fear. I joined them after my 2-year journey of pursuing an MBA in Small Enterprise Promotion & Training at Leipzig University. I knew that I am backed up with an experienced team, and a full bundle of resources by B. Braun and its pioneering market position. And performing a Venture Development role was not a chance. For me, it was my inner choice. Honestly, I was not sure what career path I will be taking after finishing my MBA studies, but as I was researching about Firm-Level Entrepreneurship, I stumbled across this overarching role.

So, I took the plunge and entered the start-up world within a corporate setup. I probably don’t need to tell you the percentage of start-ups that fail despite the many good ideas out there in the world. It is a two digits number and 10 percent away from the 100 full circle. It’s not great ideas that make great startups — it’s the excellent execution of a great business model. And here comes the B. Braun recipes to avoid that, and the extensive experience and support of the W39 team. I really value the opportunity to be able to use a broader skill set in multifaceted projects and challenges, topped off with a supportive learning culture, and the high level of autonomy I was given. It was an unbeatable and comprehensive experience to act dual roles, ‘entrepreneur’ on one side and ‘intreprenuer’ on the other.


Basically, we co-created a nutritionally based venture in the consumer market together with the venture’s team of different backgrounds. We maintained continuous customer-centered focus and design sprints at the heart of our project. Sustainability was always at our table. This design thinking process carried our ideologies in a single stack and took it to life.

But it was not that basic, and it was not that linear at all. The project started with holistic research on the market situation and how it is done in the hospital area, and then in the non-patient consumer area. We have dived deeper into how health-consciousness trends are evolving in the consumer market, and where are our target group(s) sweet spots.

Then, we formulated provisional target groups based on both hard facts and soft facts for further research and real-life indications. The team was stationed on every corner of each target group. And after an improved understanding of each segment, we started to design different experiments around versatile and connected aspects, questions, and bleariness of each segment. It was not easy and smooth with the Covid-19 restrictions. We have had non-stop hurdles, but that did not drag us down. We went the extra mile to get as much real-life evidence as possible, and the mission has been accomplished.

At the time of briefing my 9-month internship into this snippet, this project has moved into the building phase, getting ready to get a foot into the market but with more extensive preparations, sleeves rolled up further to bring this venture to a T. I will be always following the progress of this upcoming venture. It really feels like my own first child.

the_world_is_Sourcetank’s _playground 

SourceTank is a promising eCommerce platform for surgical instruments, and since digital marketing is a strong suit for me, I participated in a Search Engine Marketing (SEO) project to build up the solution reach on a global scale.

I worked closely with the SourceTank team on technical and managerial levels. They were so supportive to help me in adjusting the website back-end to climb up the global ladder. I had my first coding experience over there, and it was thrilling to see more traction from new countries week after week pouring in the SourceTank’s bucket.