Feedback Grid

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Hard Facts

  • Working Model: experiment
  • Importance: 3/5
  • Workload: 1 hour


After you have completed your customer tests, the Feedback Grid is a helpful tool to capture all the learnings as well as new thoughts derived from the test.


Fill the grid right after your interaction with a customer. You will then still have a fresh memory of his feedback. The upper two fields of the Feedback Grid can be used to list positive and negative customer feedback. The lower fields can be filled with new ideas or questions that arose during the interaction with your customer. With the use of this easy tool, no details of your customer testing can be lost.


This tool helps you to structure the information gathered from customer testing. It allows you to visualize results as well as new ideas and possible changes.

Tips from w_39

  • The Feedback Grid is also a good closing tool after a workshop. Simply draw it on a whiteboard and provide some sticky notes and pens to your workshop participants.
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