How Might We

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Hard Facts

  • Working Model: discover | experiment | build
  • Importance: 3/5
  • Workload: 1 hour


The “How Might We”-question helps you to focus on the problem you want to solve for your customer and encourages you to find solutions to this problem.


Phrasing useful “How Might We”-questions requires you to find the right balance between too broad and too narrow questions. Ambiguous or narrow questions could negatively influence your proposed solutions. Thus, state your “How Might We”-questions in a way that provides guidance but still enables creativity.


The “How Might We”-question is a problem assumption describing a customer‘s need, which you are unable to solve at the current state.

Tips from w_39

  • Keep it short and precise. After you have stated your questions, check if they help you to create solutions. If not, try to reframe them.
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