How does it work?


The experience from the first years has shown that the initiation of a project can either start by searching for a customer problem or by looking for a premature solution solving a customer problem. A deep dive into the customer’s shoes allows to identify the real pain points. Therefore “getting out of the building” is imperative for our teams.

We spend much time analyzing the processes of our customers on-site to build empathy and an understanding of the underlying challenges. This is only possible with a clear focus of over 50% of workload of each core team member.


The werk_39 core team and the corporate innovation teams are set up in a T-shaped way. We are experts on how to apply the lean startup methodology. To ensure high quality outcome, our experts in hospital processes, data analytics and user experience design enrich teams with their expertise.


The core of our innovation process is to constantly reduce uncertainty in a quick and lean manner. We apply the “build-measure-learn concept” in the shortest possible loops – in our projects we typically strive for a bi-weekly rhythm. And it is true: It takes 1% inspiration and 99% application of innovation craftsmanship (aka: hard work).


Right in the center of medtech valley Tuttlingen, werk_39 is situated in a one-hundred-year-old factory building. We believe that a specifically assigned project room is a basic need for every team. Innovation can only flourish in psychologically safe environments. The interior design matches the idea of equal footing. In the basement of the building werk_39’s innovation-output can be touched and tested.