Idea Napkin

Template and Instructions

Hard Facts

  • Working Model: experiment
  • Importance: 2/5
  • Workload: 10 minutes


Some idea creation processes can get quite messy as you loose track of all the ideas you created. This is where the Idea Napkin can help as it allows you to document your ideas instantly.


The Idea Napkin is useful to record your ideas quickly after they have been ideated and prioritized. A minimum of effort is sufficient to communicate your ideas. Quickly name and visualise your idea. You can add the details you already know and enhance the idea as it evolves during process.


The aim of this method is to express your idea in such a comprehensive way that it would fit on a napkin. Additionally, it helps you to add new details to your existing thoughts.

Tips from w_39

  • This easy tool helps you to clarify and advance your thoughts as you shape your idea on a napkin. It can therefore help to overcome the hurdle of starting to realize your idea.
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