Laura Fehrenbach

venture_associate | master_student
Laura Fehrenbach
Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Public and Non-Profit Management)
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau

Imagine you start working in a company, looking forward to your first day and on the third day you find yourself back home at your desk, trapped in virtual space, feeling alone and yet among people. The Corona pandemic suddenly had the whole world in its grip and for two months the mills of werk_39 ran a little slower, only to pick up more speed again and take off like a rocket after Corona.

Nevertheless, during the time in the home office, everything took place in virtual space. Thus, tools such as Office 365 and Mural were used to enable and support the work. Since the completion of my master thesis was delayed as well, I got the opportunity to work in projects and support the teams.

flow_of_ implants_and_instruments

Already in March I joined the team Flow of implants and instruments, which deals with the question how the logistical flow of orthopaedic implants to countries all over the world can be improved. At this point, the project had passed the Discover phase in which the most frequent pain points of the customers were evaluated and the Experiment phase had started. Further interviews were conducted with customers, sales reps and dealers from all kinds of countries, which resulted in a large number of ideas for improving the process. I was responsible for the consolidation of the answers and systematized them according to importance and feasibility. From this colourful bouquet of ideas, six solutions were selected for further elaboration. By means of the Business Model Canvas, the ideas were then transferred to MVPs in two intensive weeks in which the team members were daily guests at werk_39 instead of weekly workshops on one or two days.

Working in the Flow of Implants and Instruments team has always been a lot of fun for me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for the warm welcome and the opportunity to learn a lot about the loan and consignment processes of orthopaedic implants and instruments.


After we were allowed to return to werk_39 after two months home office, my second project at werk_39 started the week after. As a sister project to the hand disinfection project goQ with small bottles we dedicated ourselves to the topic of B. Braun’s hygiene products, especially disinfectant dispensers, to offer them to businesses in the non-clinical market. The focus here was on companies that provide disinfectant to their customers free of charge. First of all, we conducted research on this topic, which was supplemented by interviews with companies in a further step.

The project started well, but there were still some hurdles to overcome, which were more or less well mastered. Especially the time aspect should be mentioned here, as many companies had already invested in disinfectant dispensers due to the pandemic.

However, the project was continued and I hope that in the future a solution including modern technologies such as IoT will be developed that will bring added value to the company in this area.


The reason why I actually started at werk_39 was to write my master thesis. Nevertheless Corona had other plans for me. Nearly three months after I started my job I could officially start writing my master thesis. Entitled “Initiation and control of agile corporation processes using the example of B. Braun’s innovation laboratory werk_39” I conducted interviews with employees and project members, which I substantiated with findings from literature research and theoretical questions.

These interviews resulted in the presentation of the process of werk_39 and provided development perspectives as well as practical design recommendations. One hurdle for me here was to connect the theoretical question with the practical work at werk_39. The practical work in projects takes up a lot of time and is labour-intensive, which could not always be reconciled with the master thesis at university level.

I am looking forward to completing my master thesis on my own and to making it available to werk_39, especially since I was able to gain a lot of valuable insights that could support werk_39 in the future.