Lea Dörr

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Lea Dörr
Schwäbisch Gmünd

overcoming uncertainty – Innovation Practice at werk_39 

The first big task I got to work on was the design of the handbook “Overcoming uncertainty – Innovation Practice at werk_39”.
This handbook contains a short introduction of werk_39 in general and their Working Model in particular. The core content of the book is the 13 methods that werk_39 regularly uses in their ventures. In the core team of five, we worked out the hard facts for each method, explanatory texts in Why/How/What format, collected tips from the werk_39 team and designed canvases adapted to our needs. Via the QR code that was generated for each method, you can get even deeper insights into the individual method via a website – in the form of explanatory videos, literature tips and best practices. Also, on this website, one can download the canvas to work with them. There is an option to print out the canvases in different sizes or follow a link to land in a Mural Template. To wrap up the handbook, werk_39 has also interviewed some well-known people from the startup scene; including Steve Blank and Esther Gons. In “Overcoming uncertainty” there are extracts of the interviews in text form as well as a link to the resulting podcast series.
This project was very extensive and I was definitely able to learn a lot about the content as well. I hope that the handbook will serve its purpose and help many others to understand the methods.
If I’ve caught your interest, feel free to check out the Playbook website:


During my internship at werk_39, the venture goQ (hand disinfection in clinical quality) was in its final stages: last tests were done, the eShop went live and the styleguide was updated for the handover to an external partner. So there was still a lot to do and I was happy to support in many ways: For example I did the final drawings of the icons, created a brochure for potential cooperation partners and designed hand disinfection stands for public spaces.
To get deeper insights into the project, take a look here as well:


Since I studied product design, ux|ui was not completely foreign to me, but there were a lot of new things for me to learn in this area. Mainly this was done with a project that is currently still in the experiment phase and is under secrecy. In this venture I created an XD prototype that should optimize the user experience. In the team we did user tests with the future users, gathered a lot of new information and conclusions and adapted the prototype in iterative steps. Afterwards, I was also allowed to create the user interface for the venture – here I could apply newly learned UI rules and design principles.


The internship at werk_39 was an exciting time for me, in which I was able to expand my skills. Through the interdisciplinary work, I was also gaining insights into how a startup is built, what needs to be considered from the business side, and what it means to turn user experience into business value.
Although the internship took place almost exclusively in the home office, I was very well integrated into the werk_39 team and always had an open ear from my colleagues.
On this occasion, many thanks to you!