Louisa Picard

Louisa Picard
International Business Administration
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management Vallendar

Imagine you are one week COO, the other week CMO, and the following CTO. This is how I felt during my time as Venture Associate here at werk_39. Every day was a new adventure, everyday there was a new challenge to take on. For me, werk_39 is the epitome of lean startup. What I’ve learned here is that you don’t have to be an expert in one field but rather act as an architect who is able to execute multifaceted tasks. With that approach and a motivated team by your side you can make ideas happen, develop agile solutions and create new ventures.


How is it like to found a startup in consolidated structures of a big MedTech company? Tedious? Cumbersome? Boring? Not at all, HY! proves the opposite! The objective of this venture project is to equip consumers with high quality hand sanitizer and to create a whole new experience around their daily health protection. Tapping into the new terrain of the B2C-Market demanded a new business model which I helped to develop. Due to the project’s degree of maturity a genuine pitch was in the pipeline because even though werk_39 can fall back on various internal resources, without money, all is nothing. My part was, on the one hand, to develop a business case containing not only coherent financials for the next years but also a legitimate customer segmentation. On the other hand, I was involved in developing possible incubation strategies, experiments for the next working phase as well as the look and feel of the pitch presentation. Experiments such as stakeholder mapping or user shadowing play an important role in the working philosophies here. They serve as a customer-centric validation tool assuring that the solution will one hundred percent address the customers needs. In line with that, expert and customer interviews had been a major element during my time here, from the establishment over the conduction to the evaluation.


Both, internal and external reception are equally important for werk_39. Therefore, I developed for the latter one an image video strategy that expresses the DNA of werk_39 in a hip and contemporary way. This included writing a storyboard, having creative ideas for the implementation as well as standing in lively exchange with the agency and other stakeholders for approval. For internal purposes I developed the so called “werk_39 ecosystem & community” – wall. It’s a visualization of the most important key partners, stakeholders, events and other cooperations. Now, it serves as a physical tool for sustaining the innovation lab’s network.


With SourceTank I uncovered my inner affection for digital marketing. SourceTank is an intermediary platform for customers who seek to complete their product portfolio in one stop shop. In order to get more traffic on the website, I elaborated a concept for extending the reach by using search engine optimization, for instance, google ads and keyword planning. Moreover, I supported the team in data processing for a smoother running user journey on the website. Check for yourself if we did a good job: www.sourcetank.net


Yes, I know – Tuttlingen is not the hub of the world, it’s not Berlin, it’s not Munich and it’s not any other sparkling city in Germany. I also struggled at first. Nevertheless, I can assure you that the experiences you will make here are more than worth it. The work at werk_39 offers a little bit of everything and of everything the best: Startup-like environment, multidisciplinary teams, lean working methods, exciting projects, workshops, events … If your heart beats additionally for the MedTech industry you are in perfectly good hands here.