Mieke Fimpel

ux I ui_designer
Mieke Fimpel
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


The first project I was involved in was HY!
HY! is all about providing the consumer with high quality medical hand sanitizers. The aim is to create a whole new experience in the field of daily health protection.
Here it was very much about prototyping. At the beginning I worked on a 3D printed prototype with sandpaper, files and fine filler. Afterwards it was varnished. In this way we tested the variability of the bottle. For another concept I was working on labels for standard bottles. The label was developed in an iterative workflow. I printed the individual designs on transparent paper to test them directly on the bottle. Later a draft was printed on transparent sticky foil to distribute the bottles in a pitch as take away.  One of the difficulties was to arrange all important information on the label in a meaningful way. Also, the readability was initially affected by the round shape of the bottle. The prototyping helped me to define the correct arrangement and size of the elements.


During my time at werk_39 I was involved in the project SourceTank the most.
SourceTank enables the availability of high quality products to complete the Aesculap portfolio. The suitable medium for this is an online platform, which had to be developed. Right at the beginning I started to create a click dummy. Based on an existing application (ServiceMe), we investigated which functions we could take over from it and which were additionally required. The click dummy served as a baseline for the discussions with the developers of the ServiceMe application.
It was decided to build the MVP with WordPress by ourselves.  We set up the website as an eCommerce shop. For this we used WordPress, I had never worked with it before but it was easy to understand. I was included to support the development and to improve the usability and user experience with the use of additional css. At first we tested the site internally with a few exemplary products. This helped us to eliminate the biggest problems at the beginning, before we tested it with the end users.


User tests are an important component in the process of a project. They help to uncover the deficits of the website. A careful preparation and follow-up of these tests is important. At the beginning, hypotheses are put up, which should be checked on the basis of the tests. These will be used again later in the evaluation. So-called KPI‘s, key performance indicators, are also very important for the evaluation. Many of our tests took place via Skype, since we had test persons from USA to Malaysia. After the tests were over, I worked out the findings and developed ideas together with the team to solve them.  Finally, these were implemented. Then the second user tests started, with new tasks and test persons, with the exception of a few. It was a very enriching experience to develop these tests and to perform them independently. It‘s amazing what new perspectives these tests reveal. Things we took for granted were the biggest challenge for others.


Parallel to the findings of the user tests I developed a service blueprint for SourceTank. Here, all processes of SourceTank are illustrated holistically. This topic was new to me, so I first acquired knowledge about it. Then I used a template of werk_39 to visualize all processes of SourceTank step by step. A Service Blueprint is a good tool to be aware of the individual processes, to analyze and optimize them. It visualizes „customer actions“, „touchpoints“, „frontstage“, „backstage“ and „support processes“. A separation is made between visible and invisible processes and the interactions are highlighted. In the beginning I had my difficulties in creating it, but with each iteration my understanding of the correlations of the website and the acquisition processes improved. I developed two versions. One that captures the current process and one that is desirable for the future.


As an intern at werk_39 you will meet a very nice and competent team from which you will learn a lot during your internship and which is always available to answer your questions. As part of the venture specialist team I learned to switch between the different projects very quickly. The work is very multi-faceted, you are often confronted with challenges and you can expand your skills. It was nice to be involved so closely as an intern and to be given so much trust, as a specialist I was even allowed to support a project on my own. The internship at werk_39 definitely enriched me and strengthened my self-confidence.