Knowing how to play the piano

One of my former bosses once said to me: “I got the new piano for you, but from now on you have to play it on your own.” This expression comes to my mind quite often these days.

Not so long ago we had a vision – a vision that we need a true home for the type of innovation for which my team and I stand for. It is best described by “beyond the product”. We strongly believe that successful differentiation purely based upon product value becomes harder and harder – almost impossible. Take the example Samsung. Samsung produces great smart phones with an overwhelming marketshare globally…. but it is Apple which has an even more overwhelming profit compared to Samsung. Why? Because it was the company Apple which was able to create an ecosystem and experience value beyond the pure product. We are grateful for the privilege that the company we proudly work for made sure that we get the piano. From now on we play this piano with verve and we are happy about the fact that we even have a concert hall.