Point of View

Template and Instructions

Hard Facts

  • Working Model: experiment
  • Importance: 4/5
  • Workload: 1 hour


The “Point of View”-statement provides guidance as you start to ideate new solutions. It helps you to focus on the results of your research and to generate ideas tailored to one problem.


With this method, the current situation is described from your customer‘s Point of View. As a first step, use the Persona to develop a deep understanding of your customer and his needs. Secondly, collect the information about your customer, his needs and your insights from experiments in one ”Point of View”-statement.


The “Point of View”-statement defines your customer, his needs and the drivers behind these needs in one sentence. This statement should be inspiring, narrow and meaningful.

Tips from w_39

  • Prepare a Point of View statement that includes a surprising insight. This insight can even be contrary to the customer‘s need. That way, the Point of View helps to reframe the current challenge. For example: How can you loose weight while not being hungry?

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