Service Blueprint

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Hard Facts

  • Working Model: discover
  • Importance: 3/5
  • Workload: 4 hours


A Service Blueprint supports you to visualise, align and prototype the components of a service or product. It ensures that the pieces of an experience correctly fit together.


The Service Blueprint is divided into two areas, both concerned with the visibility to your customer. In the upper half, all your customer‘s interactions with people and systems while using the service are included. These aspects are visible to your customer. Everything below this “line of visibility” is hidden for your customer – including interactions with people, processes, and technologies making the service possible.


The Service Blueprint visualises the use of a current service with a special focus on the intersection between fore- and background activities. It can be described as an advanced version of the Customer Journey.

Tips from w_39

  • Try to establish a diverse team while working on the Service Blueprint to observe the process from many perspectives.
  • Take your time to do many iterations.
  • The best is to use a white board to review the Service Blueprint every now and then. Also, include pains into the process.
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