Timo Scheitinger

ux | ui_designer
Timo Scheitinger
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Ever since I could walk, I‘ve loved soccer. Not a single player, but only the team as a whole can win a game. What makes the sport so interesting is also the tactics you have to develop to celebrate success. Furthermore, I love to discover new things and to come across foreign things, which I was able to experience especially during my studies in China.

I am glad to find qualities from my interests in my professional field as a designer. Because for me it is clear that innovation can only be achieved through team spirit, the right strategy and diversity within the group. “The most important thing is that you love what you are doing, and the second that you are not afraid of where your next idea will lead.”- this quote from Charles Eames, reflects my attitude towards design.


The werk_39 has a small but excellent library with books about business, design and innovation strategies. Every intern should have read the books to understand the way the Innovation Lab works and to know technical terms. Thanks to werk_39 it became clear to me once again how to integrate and live innovation thinking in companies. Innovation does not happen by itself, nor does it arise from a spontaneous idea. Only through strategies and methods can something like an innovation be created with interdisciplinary teams.


My first project at werk_39 was the differentiation and analysis of previous packaging developments. The task areas included a critical look at the guideline, the identification of current problems in packaging and the vision towards future proven packaging. 1D, 2D or color-coding in particular was one of the central roles, as this must be read several times in the process and should clearly identify the medical product or instrument.


The TORI Button, which is already used in some hospitals, automized the reorder of consumables and reduced the effort for sales rep. This is complementary with the app in the later hospital process. For a mass compatible solution, an App would be the better solution. Most of the time in werk_39, I spent with this topic. When I took over the UX part in this project, there were first ideas for the user interface, but the process and the user needs were not yet analyzed to a large extent.

TORI, Transparent Order Refill Interface, manages the reordering of consumables in hospitals. Since this is nowadays done via several interfaces or even only with a pen and paper, an App should simplify the reordering process.

To connect the wireframes with the visual guideline of B. Braun, the following task was to create a prototype with Sketch and Invision. Special attention was paid to self-explanatory screens. The size and arrangement of the fonts was also based on UX principles, so that an ergonomically pleasant interaction with the App can take place. The structure of the App elements is similar to other interfaces from the android area and the user quickly gets familiar with the handling.


In a separate project I was working on the documentation and re-ordering of expensive products such as implants. A scan engine was integrated into the App, which enabled the reading of codes and thus simplified and digitalized the step of documentation in the OR. Due to the fact that there are various codes on the packaging and there are several guidelines (GS1, HIBC+GS1, Data Matrix, Multiple Codes), the surgical assistants often do not know what to scan. The integrated scan engine automatically detects the code and generates an error message if information is missing.


Another side project was the creation of an internal learning platform on which short clips about the way of working in werk_39 will be shown. First, I created an illustration that shows the systematic structure of the innovation lab (picture on the right). In order to make our way of thinking and processes transparent for employees from the parent company as well, I included this as an intro to each learning clip. The book “Pirates in the navy – how innovators lead transformation“ written by Tendayi Viki inspired us for the basic structure of the three main fields leadership support, organisational design and innovation practice.


In summary, I can say that especially the way the work is done at werk_39 made it enjoyable for me to start the projects with the team. Also the way of thinking how innovation should take place in today‘s companies was brought to my attention again. What I especially appreciate in companies and what I also experienced during my time at werk_39 is that I was given responsibility and that I was allowed to act independently in the projects early on. By working here my knowledge in the medical sector was more than deepened, which fulfilled my previous requirements as an intern at werk_39.