How to make icons exportable in sketch library?

We used to have problems transfering our design into the development, but it wouldn’t trouble us anymore.  In order to make it more practical to use for the development, we decided to make all the icons exportable in the sketch library. We have so many cool icons, which can be used in so many different projects, and Invision is our platform.

In the following video, you will get to see the setup step by step.

Here are the steps to make the icons exportable in sketch:

1. choose an icon

2. delete export presets from the artboard

3. add a 24×24 rectangle without fill or border to the icon

4. right click on the rectangle from the left bar and select „ignore underlying mask“

5. group the rectangle and the icon together

6. name the group as same as the corresponding artboard

7. add export presets to the group

8. create or edit export presets as you prefer

9. download the icons by clicking on „export selected“

10. you have accomplished the job, well done!