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B. Braun has set out “Together, we protect and improve the health of people around the world.” On this side, we share public projects currently running at werk_39.


B. Braun is manufacturer of disinfectants in the clinical environment. With goQ the disinfectant is now also available to the private consumer.

For further information contact Katrin Gfrörer or visit the project website.


SourceTank is an online one-stop-shop offering a wide variety of high quality surgical instruments. Our aim is to strengthen customer loyalty and positively influencing the Aesculap business.

For further information contact Jamil Cheaitou or visit the project website.


100% of the population is affected by nutrition. At the same time, 70% of all civilisation diseases are diet-related. Linutra provides high-quality nutrients for the daily nutrition routine to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

For further information contact Anton Feld or visit the project website.


Your feedback is needed 

In order to limit uncertainty during our problem-solving process, the project teams repeatedly reach milestones in which they need quick customer feedback. Our project teams share their ideas they’re working on, sometimes simple questions or sketches, and sometimes models or prototypes. By voting and adding your thoughts we can identify work that still needs to be done as well as ideas which you think would solve the problem the best. Your unfiltered feedback speeds up the problem-solution-fit. No registration required!

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proQ | B. Braun hand disinfectant

Jul 2020 | survey, inactive
We prepared the following questions for you as a potential user of disinfectants and kindly ask you to participate. The survey will not take longer than 12 minutes.

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SourceTank | Quotations

Jul 2020 | survey, inactive
We are constantly working on optimizing the user experience on the SourceTank Website.
At the Moment we are working hard on quotations and their creation.

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Jul 2020 | survey, inactive
We are interested in your feedback on which needs you think play an important role when it comes to nutrition. Help us to get a clearer picture of the market requirements and co-create with us a suitable solution.

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For us it helps a lot to understand the emotional and functional needs around problems that you have to solve in your everyday work. Let us explore your daily work as a healthcare professional.

You are interested in improving the health of people around the world? We want to build an innovator’s community of healthcare professionals.  We invite you to create a value-adding manner for all members.