Yi-Chun Han

ux | ui_designer
Yi-Chun Han
Industrial Design
HS Magdeburg-Stendal

Hello! werk_39 is a place where co-innovation, co-creation and co-validation happens. I am taught to become a maker, and that is exactly what everyone does here. We are not only thinkers or dreamer. We make things and make it happen!


In the very first month of my internship @werk_39, I was allowed to make a short video clip about fishbowl discussion.
It would be used on the Global Medtech Shaker Event to explain to the participants how the discussion works. The goal was to make the participants understand it in a very short time, so I tried different variants to demonstrate by using few animation, picture and text. After testing it with my colleagues over and over again, I improved and finalized the video clip using their helpful advice.
I learned the importance of making a human-centered design, because that is what a good design looks like.


There are so many cool and interesting events and workshops to join with werk_39, and it was always a pleasant time. We hired professional photographers to capture all the beautiful moments at each events, and we would also love to show these moments with our other guests. Through making some sketches about the ideas for this photo wall on the paper, it helped me to show and discuss with other people in a very short time.
Make it as simple as possible!


During my time @werk_39, I‘m assigned to make the simulation space more completed and user-centered. Based on the concept of co_validation, I tried to build a welcome_space to give our guests a better vision of how and what exactly we do in simulation space. In each of our project cabins, there are project name, logo, project members, customer pain, and experiments at each stage. There are several pens and feedback cards in each project cabins. Feedback culture is a very important sector @werk_39, and we would like to test with the users and ask for opinions from them. As you can see from each exhibition, there is always a clear guide system. I used a large panel stating each spaces and hanged them on the top, because they stay permanent. For the projects, which could be changed anytime in the future, I glued the logo on kapa board and put them in front of the desk. People could find the right project very fast.


@werk_39, you could learn much more than you could imagine. There are several projects going on the same time, which means there are different tasks for you to try and to get involved as well. You will also get to learn and practice how the lean start-up works yourself. Build. Measure. Learn.